Get You Alone

Maybe it’s not right but 

I like the way its wrong 

In this here situation 

Well my right is as good as gone 

I still could walk away  

Head the blinking lights 

But I’m just too curiosity to pass it by tonight 


I’d like to take a pen  

Going to draw us a place to hide 

I’ll sketch in fancy curtains 

And an unopened bottle of wine 

How and what’s been done  

No, I won’t pretend to know 

But I’d like to draw you and I a world 

where nobody else can go 


Got to find a way to get you all alone

Find a way to get you all alone

Find a way to get you all alone


Well everybody’s everywhere  

And that’s only making it worse 

I try to find a second with you  

But it never seems to work 

I’d like to draw an exit 

From the day into the night 

I will pull you through that door my dear 

I’d lock it nice and tight 


I don’t know how I will sneak you away 

They're watching my move and everything that you say

My ma once told me a means find a way 

Well the means are here and I’m sure my dear 

You're going to do just what I say...


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